Welcome Ministry Directors and Leadership!

This page contains resources for your team. If you have any questions about the forms below please don't hesitate to reach out to the office during work hours or email your questions to requests@lakepointcc.org.

Ministry Event Request Form

If you are a ministry leader or director and want to have a one time event - This is the form for you. Request the date and area needed and so much more!

Class, Bible Study, Meeting Room Request

Complete this form to get the ball rolling on a class or bible study that your ministry would like to offer OR to get your monthly meeting on the calendar and reserve a conference room. 

Ministry Check Request or Reimbursment

Did you purchase something for your ministry and need reimbursement?  (Get your receipts ready!) Maybe you are planning an event and would like a cash advance. Start with this form!

Purchase >$1000 Request Form

Considering a large purchase for your ministry? Start the process here for items over $1000.